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2008  - First of the Five Joffre Locomotives in Steam

On the 11 November 2008 - Kerr Stuart 2425 owned by the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway Society, became the first of the extant Joffre locomotives to return to Steam.

The event took place amid much publicity, and the locomotive is pictured herewith in steam, having been rstored by Gartell's.

Locomotive experts will notice there are several deviations from the original locomotive design, partly presumably to gibve the locomotive a 'Southern Railway ' appearance to fit in with the Lynton and Barnstaple ethos.

Nevertheless, it is remarkable that one of these locomotives has finally been returned to steam, and commenced regular service during the 2009 season

2445 On Arrival at Lynton & Barnstaple  (Photo - Tony Nichoilson)

2445 In Steam on 11th Nov 2008  (Photo: Dave Tooke)


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